Initial Thoughts from LTG David G. Perkins, CAC Commander

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 As we prepare to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, Ginger and I wanted to extend our gratitude to the Fort Leavenworth and Combined Arms Center community for your warm welcome.  The Assumption of Command and Responsibility ceremony we shared with CSM and Darena Greca yesterday was humbling, and we appreciate the efforts of our Soldiers, civilians, and family members in making this event so special for us.  Thank you.

This time of year is always busy, but for Ginger and me it is doubly so as we settle into our new home at No. 1 Scott, overseeing the historic banks of the Missouri River.  We are excited and blessed to be here, continuing to serve our Army and preparing our Soldiers and leaders for the future. 

Even with the advent of a new commander, you can be assured that I will continue to drive the three priorities the Combined Arms Center have identified as the foundational elements that build the Soldiers and leaders for the Army 2020 – Leader Development and the Army Profession, the realization of 21st Century Training, and the continued implementation of Doctrine 2015.  These programs’ success will be measured by how well our Army pivots from the current conflicts across the globe toward preparing our institutions, personnel, and equipment for the future.

My expectation is that leaders throughout the Combined Arms Center are constantly building three things to meet these priorities – trust, relationships, and teams.  Without your continued efforts everyday in building these three things our efforts will stumble.  We must be transparent in all we do, communicating constantly and remaining network-enabled to do so. 

Additionally, we must act with speed as we deliver doctrinal, material, training, and educational solutions to develop our Army.  Because – despite the comfort we feel in our warm homes during these chilly nights, sharing the holiday season with our loved ones – we must remember the young Soldiers and leaders serving in dangerous places across the globe.  They are the motivation behind our work – they are why we must be credible, reliable, and leaning forward to drive change in the Army.

Finally, if you are traveling during the holidays, make sure you carefully plan your activities and remain mindful of the hazards that routinely accompany seasonal celebrations.  Recognize the special hazards associated with the changing weather and take the precautions necessary to protect yourself and your Family. 

Make a concerted effort to invite single Soldiers, as well as those individuals who are away from family for the holidays, to join us in our homes and places of worship to share in the joy of these special days.  We ask that leaders at all levels make our Soldiers aware of such programs and events connected with the holiday season. 

Thank you for all of your hard work preparing for the arrival of Ginger and myself, as well as all you have done over the past year.  Take care of yourselves and your Families and enjoy everything the holidays have to offer.

LTG David G. Perkins


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